Sola Scriptura Chat Room

SHALOM & WELCOME! Because of the decision at ARA to no longer have chat available 24/7, I switched over to the same “Chatroll” format for the sake of those who relied upon the ARA online chat room for Sabbath fellowship, for the sharing of God’s Word, the study of God’s Word, and edification in God’s Word, as well as having a place to connect with & make friendships with like minded persons, in our pursuit of His truth & righteousness! This chat room is NOT CONNECTED to/with any ministry and is freely provided to/for ALL who believe in, or, are seeking to know the God(Elohim) of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and IS NOT a platform for evangelizing, it is a platform for coming together in the fruit of His Spirit to share & discuss God’s Word of Truth, His Holy Scriptures!

Chat Tip: If you prefer to have the chat in a separate window that you can resize so you can chat & watch videos at the same time, click on the box w/ the arrow in the lower right corner. Once popped out, you can adjust the size to your personal preference.

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